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Setting up Circuit

Setting up Circuit is a breeze! Just add the following to your build:


The simplest way to get up and running is with the circuit-foundation dependency, which includes all the core Circuit artifacts.

dependencies {


Create a Circuit instance. This controls all your common configuration, Presenter/Ui factories, etc.

val circuit = Circuit.Builder()

This configuration can be rebuilt via newBuilder() and usually would live in your program’s DI graph.

Once you have a configuration ready, the simplest way to get going with Circuit is via CircuitCompositionLocals. This automatically exposes the config to all child Circuit composables and allows you to get off the ground quickly with CircuitContent, NavigableCircuitContent, etc.

CircuitCompositionLocals(circuit) {

See the docs for CircuitContent and NavigableCircuitContent for more information.

Granular Artifacts

Circuit is split into a few different artifacts to allow for more granular control over your dependencies. The following table shows the available artifacts and their purpose:

Artifact ID Dependencies
circuit-backstack Circuit’s backstack implementation.
circuit-runtime Common runtime components like Screen, Navigator, etc.
circuit-runtime-presenter The Presenter API, depends on circuit-runtime.
circuit-runtime-ui The Ui API, depends on circuit-runtime.
circuit-foundation The Circuit foundational APIs like Circuit, CircuitContent, etc. Depends on the first three.
circuit-test First-party test APIs for testing navigation, state emissions, and event sinks.
circuit-overlay Optional Overlay APIs.
circuit-retained Optional rememberRetained() APIs.

Platform Support

Circuit is a multiplatform library, but not all features are available on all platforms. The following table shows which features are available on which platforms:

  • ✅ Available
  • ❌ Not available
  • – Not applicable
Feature Android JVM iOS JS Notes
SaveableBackstack Saveable is a no-op on non-android.
TestEventSink On JS you must use asEventSinkFunction().