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  • Fix: Fix pausableState recomposition loops by avoiding backward snapshot writes.
  • New: Add Circuit.presentWithLifecycle flag to enable/disable automatic pausableState use. This is enabled by default.
  • Update Compose Multiplatform to 1.6.11.
  • Update androidx.lifecycle to 2.8.1.
  • Update androidx.appcompat to 1.7.0.

Special thanks to @chrisbanes, @adamp, and Chuck Jazdzewski for contributing to this release and helping us find a runtime fix for the pausableState issue!



  • Fix: Fix rememberRetained implicitly requiring LocalContext where it used to no-op.
  • Update Molecule to 2.0.0.



  • Update to Kotlin 2.0.0.
  • Update to KSP 2.0.0-1.0.21.
  • Update Compose Multiplatform to 1.6.10.
  • Switch to the compose compiler shipped with Kotlin.

This release is otherwise identical to 0.21.0, just updated to Kotlin 2.0.



  • New: Add WASM targets.
  • New: Add FakeNavigator functions to check for the lack of pop/resetRoot events.
  • New: Add FakeNavigator constructor param to add additional screens to the backstack.
  • New: Add support for static UIs. In some cases, a UI may not need a presenter to compute or manage its state. Examples of this include UIs that are stateless or can derive their state from a single static input or an input [Screen]’s properties. In these cases, make your screen implement the StaticScreen interface. When a StaticScreen is used, Circuit will internally allow the UI to run on its own and won’t connect it to a presenter if no presenter is provided.
  • New: Add RecordLifecycle and LocalRecordLifecycle composition local, allowing UIs and presenters to observe when they are ‘active’. Currently, a record is considered ‘active’ when it is the top record on the back stack.
  • New: Add a rememberRetainedSaveable variant that participates in both RetainedStateRegistry and SaveableStateRegistry restoration, allowing layered state persistence.
  • The logic is the following upon rememberRetainedSaveable entering composition:
    • consume from both RetainedStateRegistry and SaveableStateRegistry, if available
    • if the retained value is available, use that
    • otherwise, if the saveable restored value is available, use that
    • otherwise, re-initialize the value
  • There is also an overload of rememberRetained that explicitly requires a Saver parameter.
  • Behaviour Change: Presenters are now ‘paused’ when inactive and replay their last emitted CircuitUiState when they are not active. Presenters can opt-out of this behavior by implementing NonPausablePresenter.
  • Behaviour Change: NavigatorImpl.goTo no longer navigates if the Screen is equal to Navigator.peek().
  • Behaviour Change: Presenter.present is now annotated with @ComposableTarget("presenter"). This helps prevent use of Compose UI in the presentation logic as the compiler will emit a warning if you do. Note this does not appear in the IDE, so it’s recommended to use allWarningsAsErrors to fail the build on this event.
  • Behaviour Change: Guard against Navigator.goTo() calls to the same current screen.
  • Change: Navigator.goTo now returns a Bool indicating navigation success.
  • Change: Move iOS GestureNavigationDecoration impl to commonMain and rename to CupertinoGestureNavigationDecoration.
  • Change: Target jvmTarget 1.8 in core libraries.
  • Fix: Fix saveable state being restored when using reset root navigation events.
  • Deprecation: FakeNavigator.assertIsEmpty and expectNoEvents (use the specific event type methods instead)
  • Mark Presenter.Factory as @Stable.
  • Mark Ui.Factory as @Stable.
  • Mark CircuitContext as @Stable.
  • Mark EventListener as @Stable.
  • Mark EventListener.Factory as @Stable.
  • [samples] Improve interop sample significantly.
  • Update Kotlin to 1.9.24.
  • Update KSP to 1.9.24-2.0.20.
  • Update compose-compiler to 1.5.14.
  • Update KotlinPoet to 1.17.0.
  • Update androidx.lifecycle to 2.8.0.
  • Update Molecule to 1.4.3.
  • Update androidx.annotation to 1.8.0.
  • Update kotlinx.coroutines to 1.8.1.
  • Update Compose Multiplatform to 1.6.2.
  • Update Compose UI to 1.6.7.
  • Update Compose Runtime to 1.6.7.
  • Update Compose Animation to 1.6.7.
  • Update Compose Material to 1.6.7.
  • Update androidx.core to 1.13.1.
  • Update androidx.activity to 1.9.0.
  • Update dagger to 2.51.1.
  • Update uuid to 0.8.4.

Special thanks to @chrisbanes, @alexvanyo, @eboudrant, @edenman, and @JustinBis for contributing to this release!



  • New: Enable RememberObserver to work with rememberRetained.
  • New: Add Navigator.popRoot(). extension (#1274)
  • Behavior change: Add a key to CircuitContent to keep Ui and Presenter consistent. We already did this for presenters, this just makes it consistent for both.
  • [circuitx-android] Implement ToastEffect.
  • Fix: Fix rememberImpressionNavigator() not delegating PopResult.
  • Fix: Navigator - Pass PopResult to onRootPop().
  • Fix: Check canRetainCheck when saving RetainedStateRegistry.
  • Enhancement: Improve error messaging when using assisted inject.
  • Force to 1.0 to avoid conflicts with Guava.
  • Update compose-compiler to
  • Update coroutines to 1.8.0.
  • Update to Compose Multiplatform 1.6.1.
  • Update Android compose dependencies to 1.6.3.
  • Update molecule to 1.4.1.
  • Update dagger to 2.51.
  • Update turbine to 1.1.0.
  • Update uuid to 0.8.3.
  • Update kotlin to 1.9.23.
  • Update KSP to 1.9.23-1.0.19.

Special thanks to @chrisbanes, @aschulz90, and @alexvanyo for contributing to this release!



This is a small bug fix release focused SaveableBackStack consistency and FakeNavigator API improvements.

  • Fix FakeNavigator.awaitNextScreen() not suspending.
  • Fix FakeNavigator.resetRoot() not returning the actual popped screens.
  • Make Navigator.peekBackStack() and Navigator.resetRoot() return ImmutableList.
  • Make BackStack.popUntil() return the ImmutableList of the popped records.
  • Support FakeNavigator.peekBackStack() return the ImmutableList of the popped records.
  • Strongly pop events and resetRoot events in FakeNavigator. This should offer much more information about the events.
  • Use a real BackStack instance in FakeNavigator + allow for specifying a user-provided instance.
  • Require an initial root screen to construct FakeNavigator unless using a custom BackStack.
  • Note this slightly changes semantics, as now the root screen will not be recorded as the first goTo event.
  • Require an initial root screen (or list of screens) for rememberSaveableBackStack().
  • Expose a top-level non-composable Navigator() factory function.



This release introduces support for inter-screen navigation results. This is useful for scenarios where you want to pass data back to the previous screen after a navigation event, such as when a user selects an item from a list and you want to pass the selected item back to the previous screen.

var photoUrl by remember { mutableStateOf<String?>(null) }
val takePhotoNavigator = rememberAnsweringNavigator<TakePhotoScreen.Result>(navigator) { result ->
  photoUrl = result.url

// Elsewhere

// In TakePhotoScreen.kt
data object TakePhotoScreen : Screen {
  data class Result(val url: String) : PopResult

class TakePhotoPresenter {
  @Composable fun present(): State {
    // ...
    navigator.pop(result = TakePhotoScreen.Result(newFilters))

See the new section in the navigation docs for more details, as well as updates to the Overlays docs that help explain when to use an Overlay vs navigating to a Screen with a result.

Support for multiple back stacks

This release introduces support for saving/restoring navigation state on root resets (aka multi back stack). This is useful for scenarios where you want to reset the back stack to a new root but still want to retain the previous back stack’s state, such as an app UI that has a persistent bottom navigation bar with different back stacks for each tab.

This works by adding two new optional saveState and restoreState parameters to Navigator.resetRoot().

navigator.resetRoot(HomeNavTab1, saveState = true, restoreState = true)
// User navigates to a details screen
navigator.push(EntityDetails(id = foo))
// Later, user clicks on a bottom navigation item
navigator.resetRoot(HomeNavTab2, saveState = true, restoreState = true)
// Later, user switches back to the first navigation item
navigator.resetRoot(HomeNavTab1, saveState = true, restoreState = true)
// The existing back stack is restored, and EntityDetails(id = foo) will be top of
// the back stack

There are times when saving and restoring the back stack may not be appropriate, so use this feature only when it makes sense. A common example where it probably does not make sense is launching screens which define a UX flow which has a defined completion, such as onboarding.

New Tutorial!

On top of Circuit’s existing docs, we’ve added a new tutorial to help you get started with Circuit. It’s a step-by-step guide that walks you through building a simple inbox app using Circuit, intended to serve as a sort of small code lab that one could do in 1-2 hours. Check it out here.

Overlay Improvements

  • New: Promote AlertDialogOverlay, BasicAlertDialogOverlay, and BasicDialogOverlay to circuitx-overlay.
  • New: Add OverlayEffect to circuit-overlay. This offers a simple composable effect to show an overlay and await a result.
    OverlayEffect(state) { host ->
      val result =
      // Do something with the result
  • Add OverlayState and LocalOverlayState to circuit-overlay. This allows you to check the current overlay state (UNAVAILABLE, HIDDEN, or SHOWING).
  • Mark OverlayHost as @ReadOnlyOverlayApi to indicate that it’s not intended for direct implementation by consumers.
  • Mark Overlay as @Stable.


  • Make NavEvent.screen public.
  • Change Navigator.popUntil to be exclusive.
  • Add Navigator.peek() to peek the top screen of the back stack.
  • Add Navigator.peekBackStack() to peek the top screen of the back stack.
  • Align spelling of back stack parameters across all APIs to backStack.
  • Refreshed iOS Counter sample using SPM and SKIE.
  • Convert STAR sample to KMP. Starting with Android and Desktop.
  • Fix baseline profiles packaging. Due to a bug in the baseline profile plugin, we were not packaging the baseline profiles in the artifacts. This is now fixed.
  • Mark BackStack.Record as @Stable.
  • Fix an infinite loop in the onRootPop of the Android rememberCircuitNavigator.
  • Update the default decoration to better match the android 34 transitions.
  • Update androidx.lifecycle to 2.7.0.
  • Update to compose multiplatform to 1.5.12.
  • Update to compose to 1.6.1.
  • Update to compose-bom to 2024.02.00.
  • Update compose-compiler to 1.5.9.
  • Update AtomicFu to 0.23.2.
  • Update Anvil to 2.4.9.
  • Update KotlinPoet to 1.16.0.
  • Compile against KSP 1.9.22-1.0.17.

Special thanks to @milis92, @ChrisBanes, and @vulpeszerda for contributing to this release!



  • Fix: Fix lifetime of Records’ ViewModelStores. This fully fixes #1065.
  • Update Molecule to 1.3.2.
  • Update Jetbrains’ compose-compiler to

Special thanks to @dandc87 for contributing to this release!



  • Fix: Fix popped Record’s ProvidedValues lifetime. See #1065 for more details.
  • Fix: Fix GestureNavDecoration dropping saveable/retained state on back gestures. See #1089 for more details.

Special thanks to @ChrisBanes and @dandc87 for contributing to this release!



  • New: Support animating an overlay out after returning a result with AnimatedOverlay.
  • Fix: Fix dropping back stack retained state on Android Activity rotations.
  • Enhancement: Add ability to customize ModalBottomSheet appearance in BottomSheetOverlay.
  • Update Kotlin to 1.9.22.
  • Update KSP to 1.9.22-1.0.16.
  • Update Dagger to 2.50.
  • Update kotlinx-collections-immutable to 0.3.7.
  • Update AndroidX Activity to 1.8.2.

Special thanks to @ChrisBanes, @chriswiesner, and @BryanStern for contributing to this release!



  • Enhancement: Commonize SaveableStateRegistryBackStackRecordLocalProvider to be supported across all currently supported platforms.
  • Fix: Fix LocalBackStackRecordLocalProviders always returning a new composition local.
  • Update androidx.compose.compiler:compiler to 1.5.5
  • Update KotlinPoet to 1.15.3
  • Update Dagger to 2.49

Special thanks to @alexvanyo for contributing to this release.



New: circuitx-effects artifact

The circuitx-effects artifact provides some effects for use with logging/analytics. These effects are typically used in Circuit presenters for tracking impressions and will run only once until forgotten based on the current circuit-retained strategy.

dependencies {


New: Add codegen mode to support both Anvil and Hilt

Circuit’s code gen artifact now supports generating for Hilt projects. See the docs for usage instructions:


  • Decompose various CircuitContent internals like rememberPresenter(), rememberUi, etc for reuse.
  • Make CircuitContent() overload that accepts a pre-constructed presenter/ui parameters public to allow for more control over content.
  • [samples] Update README to include the interop sample.
  • [samples] Various bugfixes to samples.
  • [docs] Link sources in kdocs.
  • [docs] Nest CircuitX artifacts in kdocs ToC.
  • Update uuid to 0.8.2.
  • Update KotlinPoet to 1.15.1.
  • Update to Compose Multiplatform 1.5.11.
  • Update to Kotlin 1.9.21.
  • Update to KSP 1.9.21-1.0.15.
  • Update to compose-compiler (multiplatform) 1.5.4.
  • Update to Molecule 1.3.1.

Special thanks to @jamiesanson, @frett, and @bryanstern for contributing to this release!



  • Fix: Fix retained value not recalculating if inputs changed.
  • Build against KSP 1.9.20-1.0.14.



  • New: circut-retained is now enabled automatically in CircuitCompositionLocals by default, we still allowing overriding it with no-op implementation.
  • Update to Kotlin 1.9.20.
  • Update Compose Multiplatform to 1.5.2.
  • Update agp to 8.1.2.
  • Update androidx.activity to 1.8.0.
  • Update benchmark to 1.2.0.
  • Update coil to 2.5.0.
  • Update compose.material3 to 1.1.2.
  • Update compose.material to 1.5.4.
  • Update compose.runtime to 1.5.4.
  • Update compose.ui to 1.5.4.
  • Update roborazzi to 1.6.0.



New: Allow retained state to be retained whilst UIs and Presenters are on the back stack.

Originally, circuit-retained was implemented as a solution for preserving arbitrary data across configuration changes on Android. With this change it now also acts as a solution for retaining state across the back stack, meaning that traversing the backstack no longer causes restored contents to re-run through their empty states anymore.

To support this, each back stack entry now has its own RetainedStateRegistry instance.

Note that circuit-retained is still optional for now, but we are considering making it part of CircuitCompositionLocals in the future. Please let us know your thoughts in this issue:

Full details + demos can be found in Big thank you to @chrisbanes for the implementation!

Other changes

  • New: Add collectAsRetainedState utility function, analogous to collectAsState but will retain the previous value across configuration changes and back stack entries.
  • Enhancement: Optimize rememberRetained with a port of the analogous optimization in rememberSaveable. See #850.
  • Enhancement: Presenter and Ui interfaces are now annotated as @Stable.
  • Fix: Fix GestureNavigationDecoration function parameter order.
  • Fix: BackHandler on iOS now has the proper file name.
  • Fix: Key the presenter.present() in CircuitContent on the Screen rather than the presenter itself, which fixes a severe issue that prevented currentCompositeKeyHash from working correctly on rememberRetained and rememberSaveable uses.
  • Update CM compiler to 1.5.2.
  • Update CM to 1.5.1.
  • Update androidx.compose.animation to 1.5.1.
  • Update to 1.5.1.
  • Update androidx.compose.runtime to 1.5.1.
  • Update androidx.compose.material to 1.5.1.
  • Update androidx.lifecycle to 2.6.2.
  • Update androidx.annotation to 1.7.0.



  • New: Add GestureNavigationDecoration to CircuitX courtesy of @chrisbanes.

This is a new NavDecoration that allows for gesture-based navigation, such as predictive back in Android 14 or drag gestures in iOS. See the docs for more details.

  navigator = navigator,
  backstack = backstack,
  decoration = GestureNavigationDecoration(
    // Pop the back stack once the user has gone 'back'
  • Fix embedded baseline profiles in published artifacts. Unfortunately GMDs used to generate these are quite finicky to run so these are sometimes tricky to regen each release.

Special thanks to @chrisbanes and @alexvanyo for contributing to this release!



  • New: Circuit now supports JS targets!
  • New: Introduce CircuitX artifacts. CircuitX is a suite of extension artifacts for Circuit. These artifacts are intended to be batteries-included implementations of common use cases, such as out-of-the-box Overlay types or Android navigation interop. See the docs for more details.
  • Enhancement: Promote Screen to its own artifact. This is now under the com.slack.circuit.runtime.screen.Screen name.
  • Enhancement: Use Screen directly in the BackStack in place of route.
  • Enhancement: No longer require SaveableBackStack in NavigableCircuitContent, now any BackStack impl is supported.
  • Enhancement: Make CanRetainChecker more customizable in circuit-retained.
  • Enhancement: Pass the whole list of active records to DecoratedContent, allowing more complex handling of back gestures (predictive back in android, drag gestures in iOS, etc).
  • Enhancement: Refactor out a buildCircuitContentProviders() in NavigableCircuitContent, which enables movableContentOf to work since it’s reusing the same instance for records across changes.
  • Fix: Fix duplicated Modifier for DecoratedContent.
  • Fix: Fix new presenter instances of the same type not being recomposed. See #799 for more details.
  • Fix: Export iOS targets for circuit-test artifact.
  • Demonstrate back handling for Compose Multiplatform in Counter sample.
  • Add kotlinx.collections.immutable to core APIs.
  • Update to Compile SDK 34.
  • Update to Compose Multiplatform 1.5.0.
  • Update androidx.compose.compiler to 1.5.3.
  • Update androidx.compose.ui to 1.5.0.
  • Update androidx.compose.material to 1.5.0.
  • Update androidx.compose.runtime to 1.5.0.
  • Update to 1.5.0.
  • Update uuid to 0.8.1.
  • Update Molecule to 1.2.0.
  • Update Kotlin to 1.9.10.
  • Update KSP to 1.9.10-1.0.13.

Thanks to @chrisbanes and @ashdavies for contributing to this release!



  • New: Circuit now supports JS targets!
  • New: Introduce CircuitX artifacts. CircuitX is a suite of extension artifacts for Circuit. These artifacts are intended to be batteries-included implementations of common use cases, such as out-of-the-box Overlay types or Android navigation interop. See the docs for more details.
  • Fix: Fix new presenter instances of the same type not being recomposed. See #799 for more details.
  • Fix: Export iOS targets for circuit-test artifact.
  • Update to Compile SDK 34.
  • Update to Compose Multiplatform 1.5.0-beta02.
  • Update androidx.compose.ui to 1.5.0.
  • Update androidx.compose.material to 1.5.0.
  • Update androidx.compose.runtime to 1.5.0.
  • Update to 1.5.0.
  • Update Molecule to 1.2.0.
  • Update KSP to 1.9.0-1.0.13.

Note this release is a beta release due to the dependency on CM 1.5.0-beta02.



  • Patch release with baseline profiles bundled in the Android artifacts again.
  • Update to Anvil 2.4.7.



  • [foundation] Rename CircuitConfig -> Circuit. There is a source-compatible typealias for CircuitConfig left with a deprecation replacement to ease migration.
  • [foundation] Rename CircuitContext.config -> CircuitContext.circuit. The previous CircuitContext.config function is left with a deprecation replacement to ease migration.
  • [test] Add new TestEventSink helper for testing event emissions in UI tests.
  • [overlay] Add missing coroutines implementation dependency.
  • Update to Kotlin 1.9.0.
  • Update to KSP 1.9.0-1.0.12.
  • Update to Compose Multiplatform 1.4.3.
  • Update to Coroutines 1.7.3.
  • Update to Compose compiler to 1.5.1 (androidx) and 1.5.0 (compose-multiplatform).
  • Update uuid to 0.8.0.



  • [runtime] Fix race condition in EventListener.start() callback.
  • [code gen] Update to Dagger 2.47.
  • [docs] No longer recommend or require extracting intermediate event sink variables. This is no longer an issue 🎉.
  • Update Molecule to 1.0.0.

Thanks to @bryanstern for contributing to this release!



  • [runtime] Make CircuitContent overload with Navigator public.
  • [runtime] Remember Presenter and Ui in CircuitContent.
  • [runtime] Fix kdoc typo in RememberRetained .

Special thanks to @chrisbanes and @bryanstern for contributing to this release!



  • [runtime] Fix wrong compose-compiler used in iOS targets. Now we’re using the compose-multiplatform fork.
  • [runtime] Allow creation of multiple RetainedStateRegistry instances.
  • [docs] Add clarifying links to Events docs.
  • [samples] Add new image detail view in STAR sample.
  • Update Molecule to 0.11.0.
  • Update AndroidX compose-compiler to 1.4.8.
  • Update compose-multiplatform to 1.4.1.
  • Update to coroutines 1.7.2.
  • Update to Turbine 1.0.0.
  • Update to Kotlin 1.8.22.

Special thanks to @bryanstern, @saket, and @chrisbanes for contributing to this release!



  • [runtime] Promote NavEvent subtypes to public API.
  • [runtime] Update com.benasher44:uuid to 0.7.1.
  • [code gen] Update Anvil to 2.4.6.



Preliminary support for iOS targets

Following the announcement of Compose for iOS alpha, this release adds ios() and iosSimulatorArm64() targets for the Circuit core artifacts. Note that this support doesn’t come with any extra APIs yet for iOS, just basic target support only. We’re not super sure what direction we want to take with iOS, but encourage others to try it out and let us know what patterns you like. We have updated the Counter sample to include an iOS app target as well, using Circuit for the presentation layer only and SwiftUI for the UI.

Note that circuit-codegen and circuit-codegen-annotations don’t support these yet, as Anvil and Dagger only support JVM targets.

More details can be found in the PR:


  • Use new baseline profile plugin for generating baseline profiles.
  • Misc sample app fixes and updates.
  • Add window size class example to STAR sample.
  • Switch to Roborazzi for screenshot test samples.
  • Small documentation updates.
  • Add bi-directional Flow/Circuit interop to interop sample.

Note that we unintentionally used an experimental animation API for NavigatorDefaults.DefaultDecotration, which may cause R8 issues if you use a newer, experimental version of Compose animation. To avoid issues, copy the animation code and use your own copy compiled against the newest animation APIs. We’ll fix this after Compose 1.5.0 is released.

Dependency updates

androidx.activity -> 1.7.2
compose -> 1.4.3
compose-compiler -> 1.4.7
coroutines -> 1.7.1
kotlin -> 1.8.21
kotlinpoet -> 1.13.2
turbine -> 0.13.0



[Core] Split up core artifacts.

  • circuit-runtime: common runtime components like Screen, Navigator, etc.
  • circuit-runtime-presenter: the Presenter API, depends on circuit-runtime.
  • circuit-runtime-ui: the Ui API, depends on circuit-runtime.
  • circuit-foundation: the circuit foundational APIs like CircuitConfig, CircuitContent, etc. Depends on the first three.

The goal in this is to allow more granular dependencies and easier building against subsets of the API. For example, this would allow a presenter implementation to easily live in a standalone module that doesn’t depend on any UI dependencies. Vice versa for UI implementations.

Where we think this could really shine is in multiplatform projects where Circuit’s UI APIs may be more or less abstracted away in service of using native UI, like in iOS.

circuit-runtime artifact

Before After
com.slack.circuit.CircuitContext com.slack.circuit.runtime.CircuitContext
com.slack.circuit.CircuitUiState com.slack.circuit.runtime.CircuitUiState
com.slack.circuit.CircuitUiEvent com.slack.circuit.runtime.CircuitUiEvent
com.slack.circuit.Navigator com.slack.circuit.runtime.Navigator
com.slack.circuit.Screen com.slack.circuit.runtime.Screen

circuit-runtime-presenter artifact

Before After
com.slack.circuit.Presenter com.slack.circuit.runtime.presenter.Presenter

circuit-runtime-ui artifact

Before After
com.slack.circuit.Ui com.slack.circuit.runtime.presenter.Ui

circuit-foundation artifact

Before After

More Highlights

  • [Core] Remove Android-specific NavigableCircuitContent and just use common one. Back handling still runs through BackHandler, but is now configured in rememberCircuitNavigator.
  • [Core] Add defaultNavDecoration to CircuitConfig to allow for customizing the default NavDecoration used in NavigableCircuitContent.
  • [Core] Mark CircuitUiState as @Stable instead of @Immutable.
  • [Code gen] Capitalize generated class names when source is a presenter function.
  • [Sample] New :samples:tacos order builder sample to demonstrate complex state management.
  • [Sample] NavigableCircuitContent example in the desktop counter.
  • [Dependencies] Update compose to 1.4.1.
  • [Dependencies] Update compose-compiler to 1.4.4.
  • [Dependencies] Update androidx.activity to 1.7.0.
  • [Dependencies] Update molecule to 0.7.1.



  • New: Multiplatform support for NavigableCircuitContent! Special thanks to @ashdavies for contributions to make this possible.
  • Fix: circuit-retained minSdk is now 21 again. We accidentally bumped it to 28 when merging in its instrumentation tests.
  • Enhancement: embedded baseline profiles are now embedded per-artifact instead of in the root circuit-core artifact.
  • Enhancement: circuit-retained is now covered in embedded baseline profiles.
  • [Code Gen] Update Dagger to 2.45.
  • [Code Gen] Update KSP to 1.8.10-1.0.9.
  • Update to compose-compiler 1.4.2.
  • Update to Kotlin 1.8.10.



Happy groundhog day!

  • Breaking API change: Ui.Content() now contains a Modifier parameter.

This allows you to pass modifiers on to UIs directly.

 public interface Ui<UiState : CircuitUiState> {
-  @Composable public fun Content(state: UiState)
+  @Composable public fun Content(state: UiState, modifier: Modifier)
  • New: Add Navigator.resetRoot(Screen) function to reset the backstack root with a new root screen. There is a corresponding awaitResetRoot() function added to FakeNavigator.
  • New: Add EventListener.start callback function.
  • New: Add Compose UI dependency to circuit-core (to support Modifier in the API).
  • Fix: Fix CircuitContext.putTag generics.
  • Fix: Fix KSP code gen artifact to just be a pure JVM artifact.
  • Fix: EventListener.onState’s type is now CircuitUiState instead of Any.
  • Removed: ScreenUi is now removed and Ui.Factory simply returns Ui instances now.
  • API Change: CircuitConfig.onUnavailableContent is now no longer nullable. By default it displays a big ugly error text. If you want the previous behavior of erroring, replace it with a composable function that just throws an exception.

  • Dependency updates

    Kotlin 1.8.0
    Compose-JB 1.3.0
    KSP 1.8.0-1.0.9
    Compose Runtime 1.3.3
    Compose UI 1.3.3
    Compose Animation 1.3.3



  • Enhancement: Circuit no longer requires manual provisioning of its internal backing ViewModels. This is now done automatically by the Circuit itself.
  • Enhancement: circuit-retained is now fully optional and not included as a transitive dependency of circuit-core. If you want to use it, see its installation instructions in its README.
  • Enhancement: Mark Screen as @Immutable.
  • Breaking API Change: LocalCircuitOwner is now just LocalCircuitConfig to be more idiomatic.
  • Breaking API Change: LocalRetainedStateRegistryOwner is now just LocalRetainedStateRegistry to be more idiomatic.
  • Breaking API Change: Continuity is now internal and not publicly exposed since it no longer needs to be manually provided.
  • Breaking API Change: ViewModelBackStackRecordLocalProvider is now internal and not publicly exposed since it no longer needs to be manually provided.
  • Fix: Add missing license info to pom.
  • Dependency updates
    anvil = "2.4.3"
    compose-jb = "1.2.2"
    compose-animation = "1.3.2"
    compose-compiler = "1.3.2"
    compose-foundation = "1.3.1"
    compose-material = "1.3.1"
    compose-material3 = "1.0.1"
    compose-runtime = "1.3.2"
    compose-ui = "1.3.2"
    kotlin = "1.7.22"



  • Breaking API Change: Presenter and Ui factories’ create() functions now offer a CircuitContext parameter in place of a CircuitConfig parameter. This class contains a CircuitConfig, a tagging API, and access to parent contexts. This allows for plumbing your own metadata through Circuit’s internals such as tracing tools, logging, etc.
  • Enhancement: New lifecycle functions added to EventListener.
  • onBeforeCreatePresenter
  • onAfterCreatePresenter
  • onBeforeCreateUi
  • onAfterCreateUi
  • onUnavailableContent
  • onStartPresent
  • onDisposePresent
  • onStartContent
  • onDisposeContent
  • dispose
  • Update Compose to 1.3.1.
  • Update Compose (JB) to 1.2.1.
  • Update Molecule to 0.6.1.
  • Added a demo to the STAR sample that shows how to navigate to standard Android components (#275).



  • Enhancement: Add back the onRootPop() parameter in rememberCircuitNavigator() but use LocalOnBackPressedDispatcherOwner for backpress handling by default.



  • New: The Overlay API is now extracted to a separate, optional circuit-overlay artifact.
  • New: The circuit-core artifact now packages in baseline profiles.
  • Enhancement: Simplify backstack root pop handling. There is no more onRootPop() option in rememberCircuitNavigator(), instead you should install your own BackHandler() prior to rendering your circuit content to customize back behavior when the circuit Navigator is at root.
  • Fix: circuit-codegen-annotations is now a multiplatform project and doesn’t accidentally impose the compose-desktop dependency.

We’ve also updated a number of docs around code gen, overlays, and interop (including a new interop sample).



  • Enhancement: Code gen now supports non-assisted constructor-injected types.
  • Enhancement: Code gen checks that functions and classes are visible to generated factories.



  • Fix: Code gen didn’t properly handle instantiating simple class types.



  • New: Code gen artifact. This targets specifically using Dagger + Anvil and will generate Presenter and Ui.Factory implementations for you. See CircuitInject for more details.


  • New: There is now an EventListener API for instrumenting state changes for a given Screen. See its docs for more details.

  • Fix: Rework rememberRetained implementation and support for multiple variables. Previously it only worked with one variable.
  • Fix: Clean up some unnecessary transitive dependencies in misc artifacts.

Dependency updates

androidx.activity 1.6.1
androidx.compose 1.3.0
Molecule 0.5.0



  • Update to compose-jb 1.2.0.
  • Update to Turbine 0.12.0.
  • Fix: Accidentally running molecule twice in Presenter.test().



  • Fix: Accidentally bundling more Compose UI dependencies than necessary.



Initial release, see the docs:

Note that this library is still under active development and not recommended for production use. We’ll do a more formal announcement when that time comes!