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  • Lower the lint API back to 14, not 15.



  • New: Implement ModifierComposed check to lint against use of Modifier.composed, which is no longer recommended in favor of the new Modifier.Node API.
  • New: Implement ComposeUnstableReceiver check to warn when composable extension functions or composables instance functions have unstable receivers/containing classes.
  • New: Check for property accessors with composition locals.
  • Enhancement: The ComposeComposableModifier message now recommends the new Modifier.Node API.
  • Enhancement: Make lints significantly more robust to edge cases like typealiases, import aliases, parentheses, fully-qualified references, and whitespace. Our tests now cover all these cases.
  • Enhancement: Update @Preview detection to also detect Compose Desktop’s own @Preview annotation.
  • Enhancement: Improve the ComposeParameterOrder check to only lint the parameter list and add a quickfix.
  • Enhancement: Add support for checking for loops in multiple content emitters.
  • Fix: Fix allowed names config for Unit-returning functions.
  • Fix: Ignore context receivers in multiple content emissions lint.
  • Fix: Allow nullable types for trailing lambdas in ComposeParameterOrder.
  • Fix: Best-effort work around name mangling when comparing name in M2ApiDetector’s allow list.
  • Fix: Fix ComposePreviewPublic to always just require private, remove preview parameter configuration.
  • Docs: Improve docs for ComposeContentEmitterReturningValues
  • Build against lint-api 31.2.2.
  • Test against lint-api 31.4.0-alpha06.
  • Raise Kotlin apiVersion/languageVersion to 1.9.0.

Special thanks to @jzbrooks, @joeMalebe, @dellisd for contributing to this release!



  • Fix: Only run ComposeM2Api checks on Kotlin files.
  • Update lint current and min API to 14, aka AGP 8.0.0+.



  • Fix: Use setEnabledByDefault(false) instead of IGNORE in ComposeM2Api. This is what we intended before, too, but didn’t realize there was a dedicated API for it. Note that this changes configuration slightly as you must now explicitly enable the rule too and not just the severity. See the docs:



  • New: Add ComposeM2Api rule. This rule can be used to lint against using “Material 2” (androidx.compose.material) APIs in codebases that have migrated to Material 3 (M3). This rule is disabled by default, see the docs for more information:
  • Enhancement: Add viewmodel-factories lint option to ComposeViewModelInjection. This allows you to define your own known ViewModel factories. Thanks to @WhosNickDoglio for contributing this!
  • Build against lint-api to 30.4.2.
  • Test against lint 31.1.0-alpha08.




New Contributors

Full Changelog:



Initial release!

This is a near-full port of the original rule set to lint. It should be mostly at parity with the original rules as well.

The lints target lint-api 30.4.0/lint API 13 and target Java 11.

See the docs for full usage and information:

Notes - ComposeViewModelInjection does not offer a quickfix yet. PRs welcome! - ComposeUnstableCollections is a warning by default rather than an error. - CompositionLocalNaming is not ported because this is offered in compose’s bundled lint rules now.